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W/ Katerina


Allow me to Introduce Myself

Social Media Marketer, but professional empath.

"Ambitious. Social" is my most precious project.  

It is a project of several years of work, dedication, education, practice, and of course, ambition. 

I am proud to come from a family of small business owners, who saw their dreams falling apart because they didn't have access to effective digital marketing.


Now, that I have grown up, I have the mission and ambition, to bring smiles and satisfaction to people with a vision; to grow their precious business.

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Social Media Marketing & Branding Strategy | Services 

Online Marketing is a creative art.

We don't just analyze numbers, crack algorithms and try to come up with catchy content. 

We grow together, by actively listening to your needs, communicating your concerns and goals, building trust, and giving time for the magic to happen!

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing starts by making sure that the social media pages' goals align with the current business goals. We strive for the optimum community experience & engagement.

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Branding  & Marketing Strategy

Let's turn a business idea into a structured Brand that is built for success! Branding guidelines, strategy, and other services are provided to help you build the right reputation in your community.

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Influencer Marketing Campaign Strategy & Management

Let's spread the word about your brand's message, your vision, and the problem your business is solving. Influencer marketing is here to help you reach the right audiences for your brand and be heard by the right people.

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Copywriting, Website & Social Media

Effective copy is a virtual handshake with your audience and potential clients. Make a great first impression, say the right things, at the right time, to the right audience to build genuine relations, loyalty, and trust for your business.

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Digital Presence Review & Audit

Audits are a great way to know from a professional point of view, where your business stands in the digital world and in the market. Find out ways to improve your marketing efforts, become more efficient, and achieve your business goals!

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Blog Marketing

Let's build a captivating Blog to engange, build and captivate your audience and community! Blog posts are great not only for your SEO performance but also turn you into a thought leader in the market you are in!


What my Clients have to say | Testimonials

RightCross Athletics

Start- Up

We worked with Katerina and the best words to describe her are “above and beyond”. She was very punctual with our timelines and that shows a good work ethic. It was a positive surprise to see that with her creativity, she went above and beyond to give us results we didn’t even think were possible. Highly recommended.


Non Profit Organisation

Katerina had a fresh vision at our social media and online presence. She helped us analyzing and focusing on the core of our business. Katerina took full responsibly for our digital channels which was a huge relief for as as a small company. It was great to know that we could trust someone working on the to-do’s that we know are so so important but that always end up at the bottom of the list, after all operational jobs. Having an expert on the team really made us realize how important it is to have someone with passion and knowledge about social media to make a difference.

Even though it was a short period of time in a difficult time, it made a big difference for us and the way we approach our socials and the way we look at our digital presence."

Valoon Branding & Print Boutique

Digital Marketing Agency

Katerina is a brilliant and creative mind with the capacity to dissect your business and create a brand strategy unique to your business and your needs. Her work is outstanding and thoughtful. I loved working with her and will definitely continue to use her talent in future strategies.

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