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7 Business Reasons Why You Need A Social Media Manager

Businesses need social media managers now more than ever. Here are the top 7 reasons why you should consider getting a social media manager for your business now.

Have you been wondering what the benefits of hiring a social media manager are? Or maybe the purpose of a social media manager? As a busy executive or startup owner, spending 2 hours a day creating and publishing social media may be one of those tasks that are always scheduled yet never executed. So, what do you do? The interns right? Hold on, I will get back to the intern issue.

Social media has been on the rise over the past years and the pandemic happening was just like pouring gasoline into an already burning fire. Now many businesses are contemplating getting websites, reactivating their social media pages, and creating some online buzz. If this is you, you are better off hiring a social media manager. Over the period of reading this post, millions of hours will be spent watching videos, posts, and reading text on social media platforms. There are now over 3.78 billion people on social media making 48% of the world population. A large chunk of users probably falls within your target market. In my small home country, Greece alone, there are 7.40 million active social media users as of January this year, 2021. Think about it. Now let’s get into some good reasons why you need a social media manager.

1. It is No Longer For Interns

Long before social media became what it is now, it was merely nice to be on social media so many organizations will simply create an account here and there and hand it over to the intern. Or worst, add it as an add-on role to the HR department or the front desk representative. We are no longer in the days that it is merely nice to be on social media, it is now a growth strategy to be on social media and the interns just won’t be able to cut it. Having an experienced professional handle your social media is the best way to use social media as a growth tool and not just a PR platform and a way of creating brand awareness.

2. The Landscape is Always Being Updated

Have you ever wondered what kind of updates Facebook makes to the platform that they send you such frequent updates on your mobile application? You may not know or have the time to find out but it is the job of every social media manager to know what kind of updates platforms are making and how your business or organization can adopt to leverage the millions of people online in social media right now.

3. It Takes a Long Term Strategy to Win

Social media may be something you try to do with your free time, but it takes more than to reap the benefits of social media. Being online is a marathon but most people and businesses see it as a sprint or a street jogging exercise. Much like you have annual marketing plans, your social media needs a solid long-term strategy for growth and profits. A social media manager is experienced to help you.

4. It’s a Huge Money Machine (If You Make it)

A study conducted by Forbes Magazine revealed that sales representatives leveraging social media achieved higher sales volumes than 78% of their colleagues. Another IBM study found that a lead generated from social media was 7 times more likely to close. and more than 60% of customers in another survey expect to get consistent, relevant, and quality content from brands online such as social media. Many organizations and businesses have seen real monetary benefits from social media including brand awareness, sales, and trust. It may not always be easy to measure, but we cannot reject the idea that social media is profitable.

5. Saves Time, Resources, and More Productive

Working with a social media manager is the best way to leverage social media while saving your precious time, resources and yet being productive. If it matters to you, you might as well put in the investment. As already indicated, social media operates with trends, updates and an expert in running online communities can really handle all of the requirements while you enjoy the associated benefits.

6. Consistency is What Creates Growth

In line with having a long-term strategy for social media, being consistent cannot be overemphasized. Humans have incredibly short attention spans and most people simply swipe through their feeds and briefly pausing to view only the ones that catch their attention. Without creating consistent, quality, and valuable content, you may be present on social media but hardly present in the minds of your followers. Social media managers are experts at creating content that aligns with your overall marketing goals and objectives so that no matter the time of the year, there is always consistent content going out that helps you achieve your Big Hair Audacious Goals (BHAGs).

7. Social Media is Just Too Demanding

It’s Just Too Much, Really time-consuming, the need to stay up to date with trends to be able to create relevant content, publishing, tracking posts, analyzing trends in your analytics, and yet being able to grow the pages. Social media management is a full-time job and the best way to get yours done for you is by hiring a qualified freelancer or full-time worker.


Social media is the perfect way to grow and scale your business. Combining organic and paid strategies, your sales could grow like never before. More people could get to know of your product or service. You could generate user and customer feedback so you can improve your offering. There are simply many benefits to being on any of the platforms and giving the job to someone who knows what they are doing is your best bet at enjoying those benefits.










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7 business reasons why you need a social media manager
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