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Social Media Content Strategy: 7 Keys To Win Customers

Having a solid and written out social media content strategy is central to your business success on social media. Improve your presence with these 7 high-level ideas for content.

Social media content strategy: How to win customers  - Monetary exchange which works as an example for people to learn how to win customers

If you are a small business owner, you have probably been wondering how you can get to grow your business with social media without breaking the bank. For starters, social media is free, and creating content is the best way to get the job done. But most businesses often get it all wrong. They try to post every day, post anything, and post in an uncoordinated way that lacks strategy. The real key to social media is well-strategized content. These seven (7) strategies have been used by top brands, and you too can take advantage of them.

1. Getting the Basics Right

Content on social media is one of the best and easiest ways to stay on the minds of people who need your products and services. If you had the chance to put your brand in front of such an audience, how seriously would you take it? Creating content for social media should have a business basis, yet be based on your audience. It should be consistent and should be frequent enough to have your potential customers think about your brand. Now more than ever, consistent content is important. Platforms like Facebook are making it more difficult for brands to get noticed. Use your strategic business goals and objectives, put down a few specific goals and work with a qualified professional to create the best content for your growth.

2. Perform Frequent Social Media Audits

Most businesses quickly burn out from content publishing. No ideas to work on. Nothing comes to mind. But one of the best places to find inspiration for what your ideal audience wants is your competition. Another key area to find inspiration is your timeline or publishing history. Social media analytics are some of the places that small businesses hardly look into. But they hold valuable information that could hint at what your audience likes. Perform frequent profile and content audits to find out the best ways you can grow and achieve your goals.

3. Always Start from Your Audience

No social media content strategy succeeds without building on a solid understanding of customers. Unlike what it may seem, if you care and get to understand your audience, you will constantly have the best ideas to post. Be it graphics, memes, videos, or even curated posts, you need to ask the question, “Will my ideal customer/potential customer like this? And it doesn't even matter if it directly relates to your product or service. What matters is that your customers are humans and they have vast interests. You should connect with them beyond just what you sell if you want to keep them for long. Start with your audience, now.

4. Develop a Content Calendar

Having a content strategy is great. You want to present the best that you have. But without a content calendar, your social media content strategy is hanging on a loose rope, it could fall out at any time. Content burnout is real. It mostly happens because the content is created on the fly and that's just not an awesome way to come up with the best ideas. A content calendar is a great way to have a solid, well throughout the content plan that can be monitored and evaluated based on a set of ideas that work with your audience. When you are stressed, you can depend on your social media calendar to work. When you have a family to attend to, your social media calendar will serve you.

5. Be Human

Most brands and businesses get caught in corporate-speak and “business as usual” mode and forget they are dealing with humans, with feelings, problems, frustrations, and also dreams and aspirations. And these are the very things that can get you connected to them at a deeper level that will win you their loyalty and no competitor will be able to take them. In our fast-paced world, there will always be a competitor with great pricing, great product, but great relationships and customer service cannot easily be faked or done.

6. Tap Into Trends

Social media is arguably driven by trends. And there is always the one you can ride on from time to time. Not every trend may fit your niche or be appropriate to make content on, but creativity can get you very far in this regard. Your brand, your image, and your identity can be used in ways that can turn very serious topics into fun spurring conversation. Talk about your mission and take a stand. Poke fun but be moderate. Use playful words and connect on a human level, after all, humans run business. Trends, when used well can grow not just your following, but also grow your bottom line. After, what are a million followers when the books are dry?

7. Get Onto Brand Listening

As far as you exist as a business, customers are probably talking about you; positive or negative. It's your job to find comments and posts about your brand as soon as they are posted so that you can mitigate the situation when needed or take praise when you get good reviews. Customers are often thrilled to get replies from brands. And users have now become accustomed to it, they expect it. Professional social media managers are good at tracking brand mentions and providing appropriate responses to make your brand look good to the world.


Social media is one of the best sources of growth for small businesses. About 77% of businesses surveyed in the US are on social media. They use various platforms for sales, marketing, and customer service. It's time you got on board. Get started now with my FREE Discovery Call. Creating content is one of the best ways to build trust and generate sales. It is estimated that for a dollar spent on content marketing, 5 dollars are gained. Wouldn't you want to get a chance on that?

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