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The First and Most Important Blog Post. Welcome!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Why I believe in Ambitious.Social:

To be ambitious means to be grateful for what you have achieved and for whom you have come to be, and for that reason, to always set newer and bigger goals; because you know your potentials and you want to expand. Being social is unpredictable; it is a recipe of spontaneity, empathy, active listening, engagement, awareness, and to always remember that behind the screens, we are people that have to do with people.

Ambitious. Social, is this exact combination. For professionals who are ready to think beyond limiting boundaries, who are determined to think bigger than their fears.

Owning a business can be challenging, determines strength and numbers are not always there to sustain your dreams- I know the feeling, I have been there myself. Therefore, I am offering services that support your ambitions and help you understand who you are as a brand and how far you can go!

Before I am a Social Media Manager, I am a professional empath. I actively listen to people because it inspires me to grow; to grow together with other people, with other professionals. I offer my services, after a lot of failures, success, practice, testing, attempting, and personal growth.

I am a Social Media Manager because I aspire to detach the stress and the fear from the creative and expanding journey that is to own a brand and sustain a business.

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Welcome to Ambitious.Social with Katerina

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